Thursday, March 4, 2010

Concerts at Wrigley in 2010? Some new information.

Yesterday I posted about the fact that Northwestern and Illinois are close to an agreement to play their game this fall at Wrigley.

Well, I missed this a few weeks ago, but apparently the Elton John-Billy Joel Tour has been canceled for this summer which means the July date for a concert a Wrigley is currently open.

Today in the Sun-Times was a report on the approval concerts for two days in September. Initially it was said that Dave Matthews Band was to play on those days. But even that seems to be up in the air. With the Dave Matthews Band not being a lock for the September dates, it looks like the options for September still include Phish, and Paul McCartney.

With the approval of the two days in September (which have some obstacles because of the Yom Kippur holy day), one of the three bands mentioned will be brought in. Personally, I'd like to see McCartney there.

According to Mike Lufrano, one of the Cubs VPs, they are still looking into the possibility of a July concert.

I bet Styx is available!