Monday, February 22, 2010

The sky is falling...and Paul Sullivan still hates Milton Bradley

The sky is falling?

No...not really...but a little concern overcame me when it was reported that Alfonso Soriano is reporting that his knee is somewhere between 75% to 85% as he is coming off of knee surgery in September.

It really is too early to panic about this...but I was kinda hoping he would be a bit closer to 100% five months after his surgery.

So what is up with this Paul Sullivan thing?  Well, any time Sullivan can find a tidbit of any sort to make a dig at Milton Bradley, he this case it comes from Soriano...from Sullivan's report today from the Trib:

The addition of Byrd and subtraction of Milton Bradley will help the team chemistry, Soriano said.

"He's a totally different guy than Milton," he said. "He's a nice guy. Milton is a nice guy, too, but everyone knows what kind of problems he's got. I'm very excited we've got Marlon Byrd."

Give me a break. Let it go already. You have to wonder how Sullivan either bated Soriano into the response or twisted Soriano's words. Either way, it has no purpose being in this report.

Look, I really didn't want Milton Bradley on this team and I bashed him as much as anyone last year, but Paul Sullivan just needs to let this thing go. He takes a story about Soriano's knee and turns it into a bashing of Milton Bradley.  Nothing in those last two paragraphs had anything to do with Soriano trying to comeback strong this year or his surgically repaired knee. 

If you want to see a good reporter doing his job properly, read the report from Bruce Levine of ESPN.  He amazingly reports on Soriano's knee and his hope for a strong season, yet it says NOTHING about Milton Bradley.  In fact, Levine's story is far more in depth and far more interesting.  No need for the sensationalism.