Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I really want to believe Carlos Zambrano...I really do.

Carlos Zambrano arrived at Cubs camp last week and he is thinner, more fit, and appears to be focused on revamping his career.

He has said all the right things and appears to be doing things to really help him focus on pitching well.

I would love to believe all this. I really would.

But Carlos has kicked me in the nuts a few too many times now...I just can't buy this act.

Let's play a game...what year did Carlos say each of the following statements quotes:

"If you throw 200 innings or more, you have to be in shape. If you work on your diet and strength, it will help you be in perfect shape for the playoffs."

Ok, that one was a trick right off the bat. That was from this winter. Now on to the fun.

After showing up to spring training focused and slimmed down, Zambrano said, "This year is different. This year, I come to Spring Training more relaxed and focused on one thing, and that's help this team and do my job."

Was this said last week? No...this was said February 14th, 2008. He was saying this stuff because he theoretically was more focused because he didn't have contract issues bothering him.

"I think I was trying to do too much, and my left shoulder was too open," Zambrano said. "I learned from the experience."

Was this said during this past offseason? Maybe it was about taking the cut-fastball out of his repertoire...but no, this was a quote from March 8th, 2007, the year after he led the league in walks.

"I believe this year, I can win the Cy Young."

Was that from Z on the first day of camp this year? No...he said this in 2007. He's also said similar things in 2008 and 2009.

"I feel good. Everything is working. I'm more comfortable, more experienced."

You have to go back to 2004 for this one.

Ok...same old story year after year after year.

Z needs to just keep his mouth shut and focus on pitching well.

Until he actually starts pitching well, I'm not buying a single word.