Monday, February 15, 2010

Updated: RED ALERT! Go get your Cubs tickets NOW!!!!

I have been doing investigation this morning into the Cubs Pre-sale sale.

This is what the press release has stated:
"There will be a limited number of tickets made available to every regular season home game for the MasterCard First Chance Pre-Sale"

It remains to be seen if this is actually true.

Fears are running high that most tickets will be sold today leaving only a handful for Friday's general sale.

I don't intend to purchase any tickets today or Friday, as I already have more than I would ever know what to do with, but I am watching this closely.

If most all the tickets are sold today, it will be a big blow.  I have argued that it is ok for the Cubs to charge more for a good number of their tickets as long as some cheap tickets remain available for lower income families to attend games.

If most tickets are sold today, that goes against that idea, and that would be bad.


Looked at the purchasing does appear the Cubs are holding back entire areas of tickets for the pre-sale...

From what I can tell, the Terrace Reserve outfield seats are not generally available as are the Club Box infield seats. 

With that said, I believe you can still get tickets in those sections in some cases, but you can't specify tickets there. 

Also...plenty of tickets are still available for games like opening day.  The only game that has been limited at this point is the June 12th game verses the Sox. 

More info as it becomes available.