Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Al Yellon: Stop making Cubs fans look stupid

Ok...I usually don't rip on other blogs or bloggers...I'm still relatively new in this community and I'm still learning who I should like and who I should dislike.

But...this is way too pathetic to pass up.

Editor and Chief (or Chef) of ABATT and self proclaimed King of All Media, Al Yellon, announced the release of his annual pamphlet, The Maple Street Press Cubs Annual.

Here is the cover:

Derrek Lee is nicely positioned to send us all a subliminal message as to what is constantly on Al's mind I suppose. Anyway, with BCB as big and as popular as it is not only among dumb Cubs fans, but in the baseball world in general (what a sad state that is, eh), it is embarrassing for me, as a Cubs fan, to have something like this released and publicized.

Ok...there is the picture, of course...but then you have the story title "The Ricketts Take Over" which, unless he is talking about some disease, is missing some form of either plural or possessive.

Anyway, like I said, I don't feel like I'm at the level that I need to start ripping regularly on other bloggers right now, but this just is ridiculous.

Al, stick to what you do best: sitting on your ass in left-field 81 times a year and having your ass kissed by high school boys.