Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Cubs love to watch the Winter Olympics

I took some time this week to get a hold of the players on the Cubs and ask each of them what events they are most looking forward to watching during the winter Olympics...and here were their responses.

Ryan Dempster: "What else would I all the way! Go Canada."

Carlos Zambrano: "They hold Olympics in the winter? What the hell is the point of that?"

Jeff Samardzija: "Football. Go Irish!"

Alfonso Soriano: "I like the speed skating.  It's really cool.  I think I could do that. 

Ryan Theriot: "Men's figure skating. Those guys are just the coolest."

Mike Fontenot: "Does Jamaica have a bobsled team this year?"

Kosuke Fukudome: "Short track speed skating.  OHNO!!!!"

Marlon Byrd: "Do they have sumo in the winter Olympics?"

Xavier Nady: "Curling is my favorite sport. I was once a curler, but had to stop after my I hurt myself tossing those rocks around."

Derrek Lee: "Skeleton is my favorite. I'm not sure how they keep those bones on the sled, though."

Randy Wells: "I like the Biathlon. Guns rock!"

Geovany Soto: "There's something call the half pipe...right? What's sounds cool.  Pipes are cool."

Jeff Baker: "Speed Snow-Shoeing is the best event."

Carlos Marmol: "Ski jump is my favorite sport. Just love that."

Lou Piniella: "I don't really watch that stuff...I just wait for that big dog to come with the Brandy."

Aramis Ramirez: "Dog Sledding...they have that right? If they just replaced the dogs with chickens and instead of having them pull a sled, they fought, then it would really be good."

Jim Hendry: "I don't know much about winter sports...but I saw this cross country skier the other day who looked really good, so I gave him a 4 year contract to pitch for us."

Sean Marshall: "I like the giant slalom."

Ted Lilly: "Ice Dancing...and if you laugh at me about that, I'll kick your ass."