Thursday, February 18, 2010

Carrie reports on "Twiggy"

Carrie Muskat writes a report on the "new, improved Geo"...I found some comments rather amusing...

The young catcher, who lost about 40 pounds this offseason, hit eight or nine batting practice home runs.
Too bad he was playing at the little league field next door.

"The ball was jumping off his bat really well and he was getting through the ball really easy," Piniella said. "When you lose weight, especially in the middle like he has, it's much easier to get those hips through the ball."
That doesn't seem to hinder Prince Fielder very much.  

Cubs coach Matt Sinatro, who works with the catchers, also noticed that Soto seems to be quicker on his feet. That's a good sign.
Yeah, a good sign that he can run more quickly back to the dugout after grounding into a double play.

The Cubs talked to Soto at the end of last season about the need for him to get in shape, hire a personal trainer, change his diet.
All they needed to do was to get rid of the guy who was supplying him pot last year.

"I was thinking [he'd lose] 10, 15 pounds," Piniella said. "Whoever he used did such a good job, I feel like calling him myself."
Cocaine's a hell of a drug.

Said Carlos Marmol: "I said, 'Are you crazy? How'd you do that?' He looks like he's 10 years old."
Oh yeah.  Carlos, you look like you are about 8.