Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bud Selig can go straight to hell. the WTF category...

As reported by the Daily Herald today:
The office of Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig is opposing legislation that would build a new spring-training facility for the Chicago Cubs.
Ok...this is the same Bud Selig that said the Cubs needed to stay in the Cactus League and opposed a move to Naples, Florida.

If the Cubs did have any serious thoughts about moving to Florida, Selig's statements just before the Cubs convention pretty much sealed the deal for the Cubs to stay in Mesa.

Between Selig and most of the other team owners in the Cactus League, it seems to me that they all want to have the benefits of having the Cubs in Arizona, but are completely unwilling to pay the price for it.

And even more interesting is the possibility that Naples might try to attract a team like the Brewers over the next couple years.  Hmmm?  Conflict of interest at all, Bud?

We had a comment on this site last month accusing Selig of trying to get a sweetheart deal for a new Brewers spring training facility...but I dismissed it since Selig supposedly has no ownership ties with the Milwaukee team anymore.  Is that really true, though?

Anyway, Bud Selig can kiss my ass. 

I'll repeat what I have said a number of times before...I honestly and truly believe that the Ricketts family would have preferred to move the team.  If people like Reinsdorf and Selig continue this bullshit, Florida might still win out!