Saturday, February 20, 2010

BAAAHAHAHAHA!!!! Theriot loses his arbitration case.

The delusional Ryan Theriot, who thought he, for some reason, actually does a lot of good for the Cubs and that he deserved almost $1 million more than the Cubs were offering him, lost his arbitration case. 


This will help compensate for the light sales of tickets yesterday.

Anyway, Theriot will earn $2.6 million this season, and will now likely be a target for a trade if Starlin Castro does well this spring and in Iowa this season.

The light ticket sales aside, the extra $800,000 the Cubs saved by winning this case could result in the Cubs attempting to sign a right handed relief pitcher.

I'll be a bit busy for the next couple days but any other breaking Cubs news will be reported here.

(And just a little hint to Ryan Theriot, I actually still like you and feel you have a role to play on this team...but please don't overestimate your importance.)