Monday, May 6, 2013

Sitting in my car 15 years ago today

Fifteen years ago today I got home from classes at noon and sat down to eat lunch in my apartment.  I began listening to the Cubs game on the radio.  Kerry Wood was pitching.  About midway through the game, I had to leave for 45 minute drive.  I listened to every pitch.  I pulled into the parking lot at work just as the 9th inning was about to begin.  I sat in my car listening to the game completely unconcerned about being late for work.

The half inning took very little time to complete with Wood dominating a very good Astros lineup.

My heart was racing as Pat Hughes made the call on that final pitch to Derek Bell.  It was over.  I ran inside, saw the two other Cubs fans that I had worked with on the factory floor and told them that he did it.  I was shaking with excitement.

For many Cubs fans, this was almost like the moon'll never forget what you were doing when it happened.

I got to see Kerry Wood pitch at Wrigley a few weeks later, still in the infant stages of that great and memorable Cubs season.  The ballpark was packed that afternoon.  The legend of Kerry Wood had begun a few weeks earlier and I wanted to see him first hand.

Happy 15 year anniversary of Kerry Wood's 20 strikeout game, perhaps the most dominating pitching performance in Major League history.