Friday, March 29, 2013

Video Board

Today in the Tribune, it was reported that the Cubs have every intention of putting up a video board at Wrigley Field.

Tom Tunney suggested (and then retracted the suggestion) last week that the Cubs should move the center field scoreboard and put a video board in center field and make it "as big as they want".

The Tribune report stated that the Cubs want to put a video board up in either left or right field leaving the center field scoreboard in place.

I personally think having both scoreboards is kinda silly...but thinking about it, I believeTunney's idea has some merit.

Supposedly the Cubs want a minimum of a 6000 square foot video board.  While this would be almost 3 times the size of the current center field scoreboard, it is actually considerably smaller than many of the other video boards put up around baseball over the last few years including Yankee Stadium, Miller Park, and Minute Maid park (which are all close to 10,000 square feet).

A lot of questions come up in relation to this...but it seems entirely possible that this could be done without hindering the rooftop views significantly.  I'd be curious as to how a structure of this size would affect the wind patterns at Wrigley.

Anyway...having some fun, here are a couple of quick renderings I with the old scoreboard moved and the other with a video board in left field.  These aren't quite to scale...but my calculations should be pretty close.