Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Please...a non-Cub to replace Brenly

I haven't written here for a while mainly because I felt I didn't have anything to say that someone else hasn't already said.  But today, I have something to say.

If you haven't heard, Bob Brenly has decided to leave the Cubs broadcast booth.  The odds right now are that he's going to move into the booth for the Diamondbacks, whom have been trying to lure him for the last few weeks since it was announced that Mark Grace and Daron Sutton were not returning there.

So now the speculation begins as to who will replace Brenly.  I liked Bob.  In fact, I'm pretty crushed he's leaving.  I'm doubt the Cubs will be able to find a person quite as good as him to be Len Kasper's new partner.

I'm not sure exactly who I'd like to see replace Brenly.  A lot of people think Mark Grace could return.  That doesn't seem very likely given Grace's legal problems right now.  Dan Plesac maybe.  Todd Hollandsworth perhaps.  Of course there is Kerry Wood who is lurking around Wrigley Field every waking hour hoping the Cubs give him some significant new role.

None of those names really appeals to me.

One thing I'm looking for in a new color commentator...I want a non-Cub in that role.  Bob Brenly was an outsider and was great as he brought a wonderful perspective coming off of a job where he won a World Series.  Yes, he was part of the Cubs' broadcast team back in the early 90's on the radio, but he was still an outsider.  He never played or coached for this organization.  He never got caught up in the losing ways of the Cubs.

So simply, I want a guy to come in here who has an idea of what it's like to win.  Someone who can tell us, as Bob often did, what the Cubs are doing wrong.  I want a guy that isn't so close to the team that he feels like he is unable to give sharp criticism of any of the players or coaches.

I don't want a piss-drunk Mark Grace.  I don't want a holier than thou Dan Plesac.  I don't want a sleep inducing Todd Hollandsworth.  And I definitely don't want Kerry Wood who'll injure his shoulder while holding a microphone.

I want a non-Cub.