Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cubs thought of the day: Turf wars. 6-19-12

After seeing the Cubs play on the tattered remains of their turf this weekend, I wondered, did the Wrigley Field grounds crew go on vacation?  And did the Soldier Field grounds crew take over for the last few weeks?  It looked like what the Bears play on in mid-December.

Obviously, this was due to the Pink Floyd concerts a couple weeks ago, but you have to wonder if some better scheduling could have been done to allow the grounds crew to replace the damaged turf before the Cubs came back to town.  The Cubs had two nationally televised games this weekend, and Wrigley Field looked embarrassingly bad.  The grass progressively got worse during the homestand with the brown color peaking on Saturday and Sunday nights.    Now, with the Cubs playing on the southside this week, the grounds crew finally has the opportunity to replace the dead turf.

I love the idea of concerts at Wrigley...it brings the Cubs some extra revenue, which isn't a bad thing in the least.  Hopefully, in the future, though, the Cubs can avoid having a field that looks like the something out of the dust bowl (or my back yard).