Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Doc's Team Rankings 5-7-2012

This week's team rankings show a lot of movement in the middle third...and we have a new number one along with a new cellar dweller.

RankTeam (last week)Comment
1Rays (5)You can get good seats at Tropicana Field to see the best team in baseball.
2Cardinals (2)These guys are starting to get some of their injured players back.  Not good for the rest of the NL.
3Rangers (1)They've had a bit of a rough patch that started when Hamilton missed a few games last week.
4Dodgers (4)There are rumors that the new Dodger ownership is considering building a new stadium.  Wow.
5Nationals (3)With Jayson Werth gone for a while, Bryce Harper is going to be sticking around...and I'm guess he'll get beaned a couple more times.
6Orioles (9)I hate to admit it, but these guys are playing pretty good baseball right now.
7Indians (11)With Detroit not as good as I thought they'd be, both the Indians and the White Sox have a chance to make some noise in this division.
8Braves (6)This is not you daddy's Braves...they lead all of baseball in runs scored.
9Yankees (7)Carlos Marmol was really really good when Larry Rothschild was his pitching coach.  (Hint hint!)
10Blue Jays (13)Omar Vizquel is now the oldest player ever to play shortstop.  What's with all these old geezers in baseball right now?
11Mets (14)Why is this Mets team so much better than last years (so far)? Santana is back and Wright is good again.  It's pretty simple.
12Reds (20)Jay Bruce is one of the most under appreciated players in baseball.
13Marlins (23)Just as everyone was about to write the Marlins off, they win 7 in a row.  
14Athletics (24)It's amazing that this team is in second place and a game over .500 with as horrid as their offense is.
15Giants (8)With this team's pitching, they should be as up and down as they are.
16Tigers (10)This team shouldn't be this mediocre.  I just have to imagine that they are going to get hot soon...but the longer they keep this up, the more dangerous the Indians and White Sox become.
17Diamondbacks (12)I think this team is on the verge of a bad losing streak.
18Rockies (16)Troy Tulowitzki has 7 errors already this year.  He had 6 all of last year.  
19Mariners (21)This team is falling quick.  Ichiro batting 3rd just doesn't seem to work.  
20Angels (22)Albert Pujols hit his first homer but he's still batting .197.  
21Phillies (17)I figured someone would hit Bryce Harper...but Cole Hamels was stupid to admit that he did it on purpose.  Idiot.
22Brewers (18)This team is falling apart, but they can still compete if their pitching settles down a bit.
23Pirates (25)The Pirates have such a bad offense that they should be spotted 2 runs before the game even starts. 
24White Sox (15)A couple weeks ago, this team looked really good.  Now they look really blah.  
25Cubs (26)Playing better since Tony Campana was recalled.  
26Red Sox (19)Last week this team was on a winning streak.  No so any more.  I don't blame Theo for wanting bolt.
27Royals (28)The Royals starting pitching is just horrible.  And it's a shame, because this team should be doing better than this.  
28Colt 45s (30)I know I said the Astros would be in last on this list all season...but they are just playing too well right now not to move them up a little.  
29Padres (27)This team has one of the worst combined batting averages in baseball...but they lead the NL in walks.
30Twins (29)This was once unthinkable, but I think Ron Gardenhire's job might be in jeopardy.