Friday, May 4, 2012

A bad time to be a baseball fan?

Baseball is suffering from something very serious...little or no production from many of its good and most popular players.

With the exception of Matt Kemp, who should have won the MVP last year, many of the best players in baseball have not come through at this point of the season.

The latest blow for baseball was when Mariano Rivera went down yesterday with an ACL tear...possibly ending his career.

Josh Hamilton, who was playing at an MVP level, has been out most of this week.

Tim Lincecum has been very unlincecumeque to this point.

Albert Pujols is not very good.

The Phillies are missing half their team.

Evan Longoria...out.

Jacoby Ellsbury...out.

Victor Martinez...out.

Joakim Soria, Chris Carpenter (both of them), and Brian Wilson...out.

Roy Halladay lost to the Cubs.

Even future hall-of-fame Cubs middle relief superstar, Kerry Wood has missed a good part of the season.

And the worst part?  Ryan Braun is playing really well.

Baseball has a problem with its biggest stars not performing well...or able to perform at all.  Sure, it's a nice story that Brian LaHair is doing so well, but for the most part, people want to see the best players performing up to expectations...and Ryan Braun fall flat on his face.

Hopefully most of these guys will be back to form for the second half of the season...but for now, baseball isn't all that much fun.