Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Doc's Team Rankings 4-24-2012

We've had more perfect games this season than Albert Pujols home runs.


RankTeam (last week)Comment
1Nationals (1)Even Jim Riggleman would have a hard time screwing up this team.
2Rangers (3)Josh Hamilton is a monster.  A very good monster.  
3Dodgers (2)PEDs or no PEDs, Ryan Braun was not as good as Matt Kemp last year, and he's not as good as him this year.  
4Cardinals (4)People get hurt, everything changes, but they just continue to win.
5Yankees (7)That comeback against the Red Sox on Saturday was awesome.  
6White Sox (16)Phil Humber's perfect game was pretty cool to watch.  But this pitching staff, in general is starting to make me sick (as someone who hates the Sox)...Don Cooper is a very good pitching coach.  
7Tigers (5)Maybe I was wrong and Jim Leyland is right...the Sox might be a force this season.
8Braves (13)The Braves enjoy the second best run differential in the NL.  
9Blue Jays (10)It would sure be nice to see the Rogers Centre filled again.  That place was THE showcase stadium of MLB during the early 90's.  
10Indians (22)Big jump this week...another city were it would be nice to see their stadium filled.  
11Giants (24)The Giants are starting to heat up, and Lincecum really hasn't gotten going yet. 
12Rays (12)Psst...Rays?  If you want a catcher, I know where you can get one.  
13Orioles (8)We all knew it was too good to last.  
14Mets (9)Best move of the year?  Placing Jason Bay on the DL.  
15Diamondbacks (6)This team has all the makings of being really streaky.  
16Brewers (18)They've recovered a bit from that really bad start.  
17Rockies (23)I like Jamie Moyer and it's a great story what he is doing, but the Rockies really need to move beyond the novelty of a 49 year old starting pitcher.  
18Reds (17)Their bullpen is really good, but who would have thought this team would have so much trouble scoring runs?   
19Phillies (11)And speaking of scoring runs...remember when people feared Howard, Rollins and Utley?  You can't expect Hammels, Lee and Halliday to pitch a shutout every day.
20Marlins (15)They are only 4-8 against teams not named the Cubs.  
21Angels (21)That $25 million a year given to Pujols might have been used more wisely by spending it on some extra pitching. 
22Athletics (28)I might have underestimated how good Cespedes is going to be.  
23Boston (19)Marlon Byrd is not going to help this team in any way.  
24Mariners (14)You have a perfect game thrown against you?  That really doesn't mean too much.  You have a team OPS of under .620?  That means you suck.  
25Pirates (26)A.J. Burnett...I think he only plays well for crappy teams.  
26Padres (29)They've won two in a row...that's enough for me to move them up this week.
27Cubs (27)They've been finding a lot of different ways to lose. 
28Twins (20)Joe Mauer is a great hitting catcher.  He's going to be a below average hitting 1st baseman.
29Royals (25)Ned Yost should be collecting unemployment.
30The Stros (30)They have 6 wins this year. Can they get 6 more?