Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chris Carpenter for Theo? That's a good deal.

The Cubs have finally announced the compensation deal for stealing Theo Epstein today.  Cubs minor league fireballer, Chris Carpenter, will be heading to the Red Sox along with a player to be named later.  The Cubs are to receive a player to be named later as well.

A lot of people really like Carpenter.  He wowed many of us last year by hitting triple digits on a number of occasions in his few appearances with the Cubs last season.

For a while, the Cubs tried to use Carpenter as a starting pitcher, but moved him back to the bullpen last year.  He's a great talent that may pan out to be a big league closer some day if he is able to find some control on that fastball.

In the end, the Cubs had to give up a minor league relief pitcher to get Theo.  That's a damn good deal.  No starting pitcher or position player and no top of the line prospect...there should be no reason to complain about that.