Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Insert Hendry joke here __________

The Yankees hired Jim Hendry as special assistant to GM Brian Cashman and special assignment scout.

This obviously has spun off a ton of smart ass comments...so here are a few:

  • Jim Hendry has been named Executive VP of Doughnut Operations of the Yankees.
  • Yankees hope to lure Alfonso Soriano home.
  • Jim Hendry:  Assistant to the Traveling Secretary.  
  • Yankees continue to pluck former Cubs to create a culture of losing.
  • A-Rod signs contract extension for $300 million through the year 2042.
  • Hendry looks to reunite Aaron Miles, Milton Bradley and Jason Marquis in New York.
  • Yankees look to re-sign Jorge Posada to a backloaded, 8 year contract.
  • Restaurants in the Bronx rejoice!
  • Constantly winning is boring.
  • Cubs fans eagerly wait news of Crane Kenney joining the Yankees.
  • Yankees look to rework all contracts to include no-trade clauses.
  • The Yankees actually hired Hendry 4 months ago, but kept it a secret.
  • The Yankees decide to start ignoring all advanced statistics.
  • George Costanza has finally been replaced.
  • The job of Jim Hendry's dream.  Unlimited money to spend!
  • This is the compensation to the Red Sox for Theo Epstein.
And the jokes keep coming.

Do you have any to add?