Friday, December 23, 2011

The meat of the Marshall deal...the prospects

Thanks to Julie over at LOHO, I ehave the name of the prospects we got from the Reds in the deal for Sean Marshall.

First, an outfielder named Dave Sappelt.  He spent a little time with the big league team last year and hit .243 with a hand full of RBIs.  In the minor leagues he has consistently hit over .300 and has had an OPS well over .800.  He appears to be able to steal some bases averaging about 20 a year in the minor leagues.  He does take a walk every once in while, but does not see a lot of pitches when he is at the plate. (around 3.5).  He's a right handed hitter and thrower.  He's short at 5'9", and will be turning 25 next month.  He's slightly above average defensively according to scouting reports.  Overall, I'd probably call Sappelt a mid-range prospect.  A very detailed analysis of the kid can be found here.

The second minor leaguer to come in the deal is Ronald Torreyes.  He's a right handed middle infielder who is only 19 years old.  He's had an excellent first two years in the minor leagues with a combined .935 OPS as he has made his way up to high single A ball.  From what I've read, he has generated a bit of buzz with Reds fans.  Torreyes is small.  Really small.  He's listed at 5'9", but some sources say that is a bit of a stretch and is probably only 5'6" or 5'7".  His weight is a stunningly low 140 lbs.  Torreyes appears to have a real knack for making contact with the ball striking out only 38 times in over 700 plate appearances.  He's stolen 37 bases in the minors and also has 17 triples in those two years.  The triples number is impressive, but the stolen bases number probably isn't something that will translate into big numbers at the big league level.  He is said to be a plus defender at 2nd base. 

I believe theat Torreyes was probably the guy that Jed and Theo had their eyes on the most here.  I'm not sure if the kid, at his size, will make it as an everyday major leaguer, though.  He'll probably need to consistently bat well over .300 to have a chance.  He doesn't strike out much, but he doesn't walk all that much either. 

So there you go.  A prospect who is about ready to brake into the big leagues as (probably) a back up outfielder and a very young middle infielder who makes a ton of contact.

With Travis Wood, I think overall this was a pretty darn good deal for the Cubs considering that Marshall is a middle reliever and a year away from free agency.  In fact, looking at this, I'm somewhat surprised that the Reds gave up this much for Marshall unless they intend to sign him to an extension and possibly make him their closer.