Monday, October 24, 2011

Top 10 things we don't want to hear out of Theo Epstein’s mouth tomorrow

10: “Don’t worry, Mike Quade won’t be managing this team next year…because I’ve hired Jim Riggleman to take his place.”

9: "Since I don't know much about this organization, I'm going to let Crane Kenney make most of the major baseball related decisions."

8: "I'll be appearing on "Undercover Boss" later this year."

7: "We're going to move the Cubs to the AL East."

6: “103 years? Really? Holy crap, you guys seriously suck. Get me outta here!"

5: "No more Old style. Sam Adams for everyone."

4: "I've altered the Wrigley Field renovation plans so that a large green wall can be erected out in left field."

3: “I hope you guys don’t have any curses around here…especially ones about billy goats because I’m deathly afraid of billy goats.”

2: “I’m glad to make this change. Since there isn’t really any big pressure to actually win here, I can finally relax a bit.”

1: “Looking at the situation as a whole, I don’t see any real need to change anything here except making Koyie Hill the everyday catcher.”