Thursday, June 9, 2011

What Tom Ricketts really thinks is wrong with the Cubs.

Last week Tom Ricketts, on the field before a game at Wrigley, answered a question about what is wrong with the Cubs and responded with, “Nothing. Just a lot of injuries.”

Well, in the week since he made that comment, we over here at C.D.E. got a hold of Tom and asked him again. He said that after having a little bit of time to think about it, he actually discovered a number of other things that were wrong with the team. We asked him to list out what he thought were the biggest issues, so here is what Tom Ricketts sees as the top 10 things that are wrong with the Cubs:

10. Campaign to have the state pay to build a Playboy Club next to Wrigley fell through.

9. Too many injuries to key players on the Cardinals.

8. Not enough television exposure for his brother Todd.

7. Damn seagulls keep driving away the fans.

6. Team was distracted by Rahm Emanuel’s election as mayor.

5. Not enough statues outside the ballpark.

4. Lack of a giant noodle outside of Wrigley made Carlos Peña regret signing contract with team.

3. Keith Moreland.

2. New ticket pricing structure too confusing for Carlos Marmol.

1. Reduced donut budget caused Hendry to lose mind and trade for Matt Garza.