Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rothschild tell us what we already know, but what the Cubs don't know

A real quick post about something that I thought was very telling.

Before yesterday's game, former Cubs pitching coach, and now pitching coach for the Yankees, Larry Rothschild was interviewed on WGN.

I don't have an exact transcript since I was in the car when I heard the interview...but when talking about the change in jobs and the differences working now for the Yankees, he said that his current organization was completely focused on winning and that everything done was toward that aim. He also mentioned how much more focused the Yankees were on collecting and analyzing statistics and how much money was spent on scouting compared to other teams (or, probably more specifically, the Cubs).

While the Cubs are focused on throwing a block party for this series and getting Paul McCartney to play a concert at Wrigley, the Yankees were focused on finding a way to beat the Cubs (as many of their scouts have been seen at Cubs contests over the last 2 weeks).

The Cubs are focused on entertainment. The Yankees are focused on winning.

The results speak for themselves.