Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The Cubs lose about a player a day to injuries right now . The question needs to be asked “Why?”.

The proper answers to these following questions should help dictate some of the changes that need to made as the Cubs continue to rebuild.

Who is the Cubs strength and conditioning coach? Do they even have one? Well, Tim Buss is the team’s strength and conditioning coach. This is an important job for a team to have someone competent in place. Buss has been with the Cubs for a while now, but it is possible that he has lost his touch with a number of the players on this team. It might be time to find a new person for this position.

Is this rash of injuries due to Jim Hendry’s love for acquiring players with a history of being injured? Off the very top of my head, Reed Johnson, Jeff Baker, Ryan Dempster, Kerry Wood, Aramis Ramirez, Geo Soto are all players that I can immediately name that tend to spend time on the DL quite often. If Hendry is to blame for assembling a fragile team, than that is yet another reason to replace him.

Are the Cubs’ player facilities just inadequate to prepare today’s players for playing baseball? Even with an expanded weight room, the Cubs still don’t have a lot of room for other training equipment. If this is to blame, then the renovation of Wrigley needs to be accelerated for the team to be a consistent winner.

All I know right now is that this team is becoming a joke and it is quite depressing to watch them play. Injuries aren't the only reason for this team’s suckiness right now…but seeing so many players go down is sure not helping things.