Friday, April 1, 2011

Simply stated facts about opening day

Good: Opening Day
Bad: Wet, cold and rainy weather

Good: Kerry Wood coming back to a standing ovation
Bad: Soriano coming back

Good: Vienna Beef hot dogs at Wrigley
Bad: Beer is now $7 a can

Good: Ryan Dempster through 4 innings
Bad: Ryan Dempster through 6 2/3 innings

Good: Robert Redford throwing out the first pitch
Bad: Robert Redford faking out Kerry Wood when throwing out the first pitch

Good: Ron Santo being remembered before the game
Bad: Ron Santo not being at the game

Good: New paint around Wrigley
Bad: Nothing else of substance done to the ballpark this offseason

Good: Castro 3 for 5 with 2 runs
Bad: Soriano 0 for 4

Good: James Russell out of the bullpen
Bad: Jeff Samardzija's inconsistent delivery to the mound

Good: Quade's choice to start Darwin Barney
Bad: Quade's choice to let Dempster pitch over 5 2/3 innings

Good: Ron Santo Jr. singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"
Bad: A continuing a dumb tradition who's novelty has run out.

Good: New United Airlines sign on the rooftop in left field.
Bad: The Toyota sign blocks it out

Good: Green grass
Bad: Brown ivy

Good: Wind blowing out on opening day (that doesn't happen often)
Bad: Two homers by the Pirates...Zero homers by the Cubs

Good: Seeing all the other season ticket holders in my section at the game
Bad: Idiot people trying to trade up seats at a sold out game (they just left to get some nacho's, you moron!!)

Good: Baseball is back
Bad: The Cubs just aren't very good

I hope you all had a wonderful opening day!