Friday, February 4, 2011

Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay...a look at the Super Bowl

So it's time for the Super Bowl.  Some people might think that since I live in Wisconsin that I'd be extremely excited that the Packers are in the big game.  Well folks...I'm a Bears fan...and my time in Wisconsin has done one thing to me more than anything dislike for the Packers has now grown into a full blown loathing of the team.

But my hatred of the Packers doesn't affect my analysis of the game on Sunday.  Here is fair and balanced look at these two teams which we will use to determine who the winner will be.

First, the coaches:
Some random guy Green Bay picked from a lottery
The best dressed man in football
Advantage:  Pittsburgh
The star players:
Brett Favre Jr.

Captain Hairdo. 
Advantage:  Green Bay

The cities:
This is actually considered a city?
Wow...almost looks nice enough to live in!
Advantage:  Pittsburgh

The fans:
A typical cheesehead.
Out-of-work steel workers.
Advantage:  Pittsburgh

Result:  Pittsburgh 46 - Green Bay 10