Friday, February 11, 2011

MLB Network thinks the Cubs lack talent.

Is it East coast bias?

Is it flat out disrespect?

Or is it just true?

MLB Network has spent the last few weeks naming their top 10 players “right now” at each position.

They have named them all...and here is the list as I've been able to track it: (click the link to continue)

1st base
1. Albert Pujols/Cardinals
2. Miguel Cabrera/Tigers
3. Adrian Gonzalez/Red Sox
4. Joey Votto/Reds
5. Mark Teixeira/Yankees
6. Ryan Howard/Phillies
7. Prince Fielder/Brewers
8. Ron Konerko/White Sox
9. Justin Morneau/Twins
10. Kendry Morales/Angels

2nd Base
1. Robinson Cano/Yankees
2. Chase Utley/Phillies
3. Dustin Pedrioa/Red Sox
4. Dan Uggla/Braves
5. Brandon Phillips/Reds
6. Ian Kinsler/Rangers
7. Rickie Weeks/Brewers
8. Brian Roberts/Orioles
9. Kelly Johnson/D-Backs
10. Neil Walker/Pirates

1. Hanley Ramirez/Marlins
2. Troy Tulowitzki/Rockies
3. Derek Jeter/Yankees
4. Jose Reyes/Mets
5. Elvis Andrus/Rangers
6. Jimmie Rollins/Phillies
7. Alexie Ramirez/White Sox
8. Stephen Drew/D-Backs
9. Marco Scutaro/Red Sox
10. Starlin Castro/Cubs

3rd Base
1. Evan Longoria/Rays
2. Ryan Zimmerman/Nats
3. Alex Rodriguez/Yankees
4. Kevin Youkilis/Red Sox
5. Adrian Beltre/Rangers
6. David Wright/Mets
7. Mark Reynolds/Orioles
8. Scott Rolen/Reds
9. Placido Polanco/Phillies
10. Casey McGehee/Brewers

1. Ichiro Suzuki/Mariners
2. Shin-Soo Choo/Indians
3. Jason Werth/Nats
4. Jose Bautista/Blue Jays
5. Andre Ethier/Dodger
6. Nelson Cruz/Rangers
7. Jason Hayward/Braves
8. Mike Stanton/Marlins
9. Nick Markakis/Orioles
10. Justin Upton/D-Backs

1. Andrew McCutchen/Pirates
2. Matt Kemp/Dodgers
3. Curtis Granderson/Yankees
4. Shane Victorino/Phillies
5. Austin Jackson/Tigers
6. Colby Rasmus/Cardinals
7. Vernon Wells/Angels
8. Torii Hunter/Angels
9. Jacoby Ellsbury/Red Sox
10. Grady Sizemore/Indians

1. Ryan Braun/Brewers
2. Josh Hamilton/Rangers
3. Carlos Gonzalez/Rockies
4. Carl Crawford/Red Sox
5. Matt Holliday/Cardinals
6. Delmon Young/Twins
7. Martin Prado/Braves
8. Jason Bay/Mets
9. Carlos Lee/Astrols
10. Raul Ibanez/Phillies

Starting Pitcher
1. Roy Halladay/Phillies
2. Felix Hernandez/Mariners
3. Tim Lincecum/Giants
4. CC Sabathia/Yankees
5. Jon Lester/Red Sox
6. David Price/Rays
7. Cliff Lee/Phillies
8. Adam Wainwright/Cardinals
9. Justin Verlander/Tigers
10. Josh Johnson/Marlins

Relief Pitcher
1. Mariano Rivera/Yankees
2. Brian Wilson/Giants
3. Joakim Soria/Royals
4. Neftali Feliz/Rangers
5. Carlos Marmol/Cubs
6. Heath Bell/Padres
7. Andrew Bailey/A's
8. Rafael Soriano/Yankees
9. Jose Valverde/Tigers
10. Aroldis Chapman/Reds

1. Joe Mauer/Twins
2. Buster Posey/Giants
3. Brian McCann/Braves
4. Victor Martinez/Tigers
5. Yadier Molina/Cardinals
6. Carlos Santana/Indians
7. Carlos Ruiz/Phillies
8. John Buck/Marlins
9. Kurt Suzuki/A's
10. Matt Weiters/Orioles

I'll save you the trouble. The Cubs had two players total on all of these lists. Two.

Starlin Castro at #10 for shortstops...and Carlos Marmol at #5 for relief pitchers.

If we do this on a points system where a first place on this list gets 10 points and last gets one point, there are a total of 550 points available, well, then the Cubs scored only 7 points.

Seven points.'s that depressing.

Now I have to question Geovany Soto and Marlon Byrd not making the top 10 in their respective categories. Honestly, outside of that (with a small argument for Aramis Ramirez), there can't be much argument about any of these lists.

The Cubs lack talent.

The Cardinals had 5 players on this list...with (by my ranking system) 30 points.
The Brewers...4 players/19 points
The Reds...4 players/17 points
The Pirates...2 players/11 points

In the NL Central, only the lowly Astros had a worse performance in these lists with Carlos Lee being the #9 left fielder (well ahead of Alfonso Soriano and his $18 million salary this year).

Now that this series of shows is over, MLB Network is ranking the top 100 overall players right now.

The likelihood that the Cubs will get anyone besides Marmol on this list is probably remote.

Now this says very little about how well the Cubs will end up playing this year, but this does is continue to push the argument that the Cubs are severely lacking in major league talent right now. That is just sad as the Cubs will likely have the 2nd largest payroll in the National League again this year.