Friday, January 7, 2011

Oversimplifying the effect of the Garza trade

It's simple...

Cubs vs. Cardinals
Starting pitching: Advantage Cardinals
Relief pitching: Advantage Cubs
Hitting: Advantage Cardinals
Fielding: wash

Winner: Cardinals

Cubs vs. Reds

Starting pitching: wash
Relief pitching: Advantage Reds
Hitting: Advantage Reds
Fielding: Advantage Reds

Winner: Reds

Cubs vs. Brewers

Starting Pitching: wash
Relief Pitching: Advantage Cubs
Hitting: Advantage Brewers
Fielding: wash

Winner: tie

So by trading away the farm for Matt Garza, the Cubs have moved themselves into a tie with the Brewers for third place in the NL central.

Now the Cubs have much less to work with to try to trade for a second baseman, a replacement for Carlos Pena and a replacement for Aramis Ramirez after the 2011 season...

All so they can compete for third place in the NL Central.