Thursday, December 16, 2010

We need Kerry Wood...and we just might get him!

I think most people will be overjoyed if Kerry Wood rejoins the Cubs. That very well may happen. The Tribune is reporting that Wood and the Cubs are close to an agreement to bring Kid-K back to the north side.

It’s a great move for a couple reasons. First, the Cubs need a veteran right handed set-up man. Last year, the Cubs really didn’t go into the season with anyone for that role. From the left side, John Grabow was supposed to be that man…but he, as expected, faltered and the Cubs were fortunate enough to have Sean Marshall take his place and do so splendidly. With all the other young kids out in that pen with a year of experience under their belt, if Wood is signed, it gives the Cubs an extremely solid bullpen going into the 2011 season.

The second thing that signing Wood does is it gives the Cubs an immediately recognizable player who the fans absolutely love. One of the biggest problems that the Cubs have right now is the fact that no one on the roster will ever be considered a legendary Cub…no one that we will look back and tell our kids about having seen play. In the past we’ve had Andre Dawson, Ryne Sandberg, Sammy Sosa, Greg Maddux and Rick Sutcliffe. Before that there was Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Billy William and Fergie Jenkins.

Wood will immediately become the most beloved Cub on the roster.

While Wood will never make the Hall-of-Fame and never live up to the hype he was given 12 years ago, he is beloved and people still talk about his magically rookie season and the dominating 2003 season he had. He’s only a fraction of what he was in his first 6 years with the Cubs, but the fans love him and he has a flag that flies on top of the south part of the grandstands. He is a legend in the eyes Cubs fans and that’s something the Cubs need…a legend to play for their team again…even if the legend is just setting up for Carlos Marmol.