Friday, December 3, 2010

More sad Cubs news: Ron Santo dies

And the Cubs stellar off-season continues: Ron Santo died yesterday evening.

So far this off season has been nothing but depressing for the Cubs.

I guess we all knew things weren't quite right with him as he continued to miss more and more games in 2010.

According to, Santo was suffering from bladder cancer and died from complications due to it.

Santo manned the Cubs' broadcast booth longer than Harry Caray did and for people of my generation, we never truly knew his greatness as a player.  

I have no doubt that we will see a huge ceremony for Santo on opening day this coming year, and rightfully so.  He not only was a representative of one of the most beloved Cubs teams of all time, he was a the face, heart and soul of all Cubs fans everywhere and he lived and died with every game winning home run and dropped fly ball. 

Santo's failure to get into the Hall of Fame will forever be a tragedy but the bigger tragedy is that he never was able to see his beloved Cubs even make it into the World Series, let alone win it.

As we approach the end of a couple of horrible weeks where we saw Adam Dunn signed by the White Sox, the state laughing at the organization about the idea of a $200 million loan, and long time pitching coach Larry Rothschild bolting for the Yankees, maybe the best we can hope for now is that the rest of this off season is quiet and uneventful.

Anyway, rest in peace, will be missed.