Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ryan Theriot to be named 2011 NL MVP

Ryan Theriot was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals this afternoon, which means he's probably going to win MVP next season.
Theriot's chances of wearing goggles again has greatly increased now.
It's either that, or the Cardinals are going to really suck next year.  My first reaction was to go over to my Cardinal-fan co-worker and laugh uncontrolably, but then I came to my senses as I realized that this will likely bite me in my ass. 

Anyway, the Cardinals love scrappy players to play around Albert Pujols, so who knows.  The trade sent reliever Blake Hawksworth to the Dodgers.  I don't think it is known if Theriot will play shortstop of 2nd base for the Cards yet, but if they have any sense at all, they'll put Old Noodle Arm next to Pujols. 
This unfortunately means we have to see more of this dork next season than we would have if he would have stayed in LA.  Oh well.