Thursday, October 14, 2010

Via Twitter (take with a grain of salt): Quade to be manager and Sandberg is bench coach

Will Carroll of SI is tweeting that Mike Quade will be named manager and that Ryne Sandberg will be named bench coach. 

Carroll is a somewhat reputable I suppose this could all be true.

Anyway, Carroll has posted that the announcment could come some time next week.

This goes against what much of the Chicago media has been reporting the last few days.

Paul Sullivan and Gordon Wittenmyer have reported that the Cubs were to wait a little while before making a discision on this as long as Quade and Sandberg are not being persued by any other teams.  The wait would be, persumably, to see if Joe Girardi would become available after the Yankees are finished with their season. 

If true, I'm sure a number of other sources will soon be moving on this story.


Carroll has posted another quip on Twitter saying that a source he has close to the Cubs has told him he is wrong.