Thursday, September 16, 2010

Zambrano to retire. Now use Lou as an example.

Zambrano, like Lou Piniella, has said that this will be his last contract.


Now, Z, take a page from Lou’s book and retire now.

Yes, I know he’s in the middle of his best stretch in years, but I’m sick of this crap. Come on, Z. What’s the point of this?

Z has made mention of this in the past. I don’t think anyone took it seriously. Now he’s bringing it up again. All that this proves is that pitching really doesn’t matter to him. So that being the case, make some arrangement with Jim Hendry, and just retire now.

Anyone that thought Z has changed since he came off the Restricted List is fooling himself (or herself). This is just the same tired act we’ve seen for the last 7 years. He is a self-centered bum.

Do I believe he’s actually going to retire in 2 years? No. But I don’t really care to find out. Jim Hendry needs to find someone to take this clown off our hands (Baltimore) so some other team can sit around and help Zambrano pick out his lot at some place in Florida called Shady Acres.

In the interview that he gave after the game yesterday he said, “I don’t want to play anymore.” Well, screw you, jerk. Then get the hell out and give someone who wants to play a chance to contribute. “Sometimes you miss things in life because of baseball that you shouldn’t miss.” Well, that’s why you are being paid $18 million a year. That is the sacrifice you make. You get crap-loads of money in return for the long hours and travel, with a lot of time away from your family. The Cubs have given this guy a crap-load of money, and have gotten some pretty shitty return out of it. Now, with $36 million still guaranteed, he says he doesn’t want to play anymore. Give me an f---in’ break.

We have people in this country that are in the military putting their lives on the line overseas making huge sacrifices away from their families and receiving very little in comparison for compensation. Then here is Zambrano complaining about having to play a kids game and being paid $18 million a year and he’s upset that he has to be away from his family for a couple weeks at a time while on road trips where he gets to stay in ritzy hotels and eat at fine restaurants every night.

As I said, I don’t think he really intends to retire. I don’t buy this crap at all. This is all a ploy. He’s doing this to make us feel sympathy for this him. Too bad. It ain’t going to work.

Trade this bum away…no matter the cost. He isn’t worth it even if having him on the team puts us closer to winning the World Series. I’m sick of this crap. Or better yet, force him to retire now.