Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh Crap!!! The Pirates are coming to town!

If these were real pirates, it wouldn't be as frightening, but it is the Pittsburgh Pirates, so we should be scared shitless right now.

I’m fairly sure if the Pirates wouldn't have played the Cubs 12 times already this season, they would already be at 100 losses.

 Pittsburgh should be proud!

The Pirates stink.

They’re awful.

And the Cubs can’t beat them.


Yes, that is the Cubs record against the Bucs this year.

In fact, looking at the Cubs record against the NL central, it is pretty pathetic. They’ve played the “rivals” a bit better, going 8-5 against the Brewers and 5-4 against the Cardinals…but records of 4-8 against the Astros, 3-9 against the Pirates and (gulp) 4-12 against the Reds have destroyed the Cubs this year.

So how bad are the Pirates this year? Well, they are on pace to easily lose 100 games. Their current record is 43-87. That’s 44 games under .500, folks. But what is even worse is that, based on the number of runs they have scored and given up, their expected record is 37-93. That’s right, at 44 games under .500, they winning more games than they are expected to right now.


So, to distract us from Aramis Ramirez’s horrible fielding at third base, the Cubs are going to have a series of “ceremonies” during this homestand.

Tonight we get to honor new hall-of-famer Andre Dawson. I’m hoping to get to the game early enough to see the ceremony. The last time I saw him at Wrigley was when he was a coach for the Marlins…he got to throw out the first pitch wearing a Cubs jersey over his Marlins uniform. That was a little strange. I still kinda wish he had enter the ‘Hall’ as a Cub (I’m not going to go through that argument again), but he deserves to every honor a great player should have up to the point of having his number retired (which he shouldn’t have happen…that was the right call).

 Whitey Herzog, Andre Dawson and umpire Doug Harvey at the HOF.
(Reuters photo)

Harry Caray gets his statue rededicated on Wednesday for some reason. I guess there were some hurt feelings when the Cubs let it known that Harry’s statue was being moved from the corner of Addison and Sheffield to behind the bleachers. Who cares?

Anyway, that all prepares the way for the Billy Williams statue which is supposed to be dedicated next week. Williams's statue is being placed in the general vicinity of where Harry's statue once stood (by the Captain Morgan club).

Personally, I’m waiting for the statue to honor Hector Villanueva. I’m a bit pissed that the Ricketts family has kinda let that one slip.

"Where's my statue?"