Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hey, Ricketts Family, Didn't you ever watch "Major League"?

It is obvious that the Ricketts family never watched the movie Major League. The results this season prove it.

They have pampered these guys. They're soft.

They got a new weight room this year, a remodeled clubhouse and lounge and even have a new nutritionist.

In the movie, Major League, the owner, a cranky, skanky, white, rich bitch, kept taking luxuries away from the team during the season....and each step of the way, the team played better and better.

So, I think that Tom Ricketts needs to step up here...and stop coddling these guys.

First off...enough with these flights to all the away games. These guys don't need that luxury. Do what the Indians did...charter a bus!
First class, all the way.

And get rid of that new weight room and therapy equipment...bumps and bruises are part of the game.  These guys just need to get a little tougher.

 He no help Soriano hit curveball.

Hot showers?  What are these guys kings or something?  Make them take cold showers like the rest of the world.  Besides, maybe those cold showers will wake these guys up a bit.

Here is another thing...we know Lou is retiring after this season...

Well, dig this guy up out of  his grave and let him manage the team next year.

And, we all know that the Ricketts family would love to relocate spring training to Florida, but why not threaten to move the team to Florida for the regular season too.  Added motivation! 

Ok...so why am I bringing all this up?

Before yesterday's game, it was widely publicized that the Cubs pregame buffet included caviar yesterday.  The Cubs went out and, in appreciation for the fine food, got their asses kicked last night.

Tell us about it!

Yeah...I think these guys are being coddled too much.  It's time to put things right.

Oh, and make sure the play-by-play guy has lots of booze.
My hero!