Wednesday, August 18, 2010

After 2 years, my prayers are answered. Derrek Lee is finally gone.

It's not that I dislike Derrek Lee.

I just thought that his time in Chicago was, for the team, a failure.

He was, in the opinion of many, the leader of the team over the last many seasons.  And with the exception of the second half of 2007 and most of 2008, Derrek Lee's leadership resulted in a team that failed to meet up to expectations on a fairly consistent basis.

The thing is, as long as Derrek Lee remained on this team, he would be considered a leader of the team, and, unfortunately, he's not a very good leader.  So it is best that the Cubs and Lee part ways.

I've wanted him gone for almost 2 years.  Now he is gone.

Atlanta gets a good first baseman, who will probably help them win the World Series this year...just like he helped the Marlins win the title in 2003.  Notice, I didn't say he would lead them to a title...he will help them under the leadership of others on the Braves.

Ok, enough of that...

Who did the Cubs get in return?  Three minor league pitchers.  They are all young and have some potential.

First, Robinson Lopez, who is probably the best prospect in the group.  He a right hander and is 19 years old.  He spent this season in single A ball.  Lopez is from the Dominican Republic, so he might actually be 34 years old.  You never know with players from that country. 

Second, Jeffery Lorick...a left handed reliever who has put up good numbers in single A ball this season.  Also young, he is only 22 years old. 

And Tyrelle Harris, who is a right handed reliever that seems to be a potential high strikeout pitcher.  He has got a 10.9 K/9ip this season in A and AA.  He is 23 years old. 


So Derrek Lee actually did wave his trade clause.  I'm glad because I think this is not only good for the Cubs, but it is good for Lee.  His roll on this team didn't suit him, and it hasn't suited him for years.  Now he can go somewhere where he has the potential to win another ring.  The Cubs get some prospects but they didn't get as much as they probably would have gotten if they tried to pursue a trade when I said they should have.  That being said, this is much better than the compensation pick they probably would have gotten if Lee left via free agency.

I know just about every Cubs fan, including me, wishes Derrek Lee good luck in Atlanta.  He's a good guy on top of being a very good ballplayer, and the Braves are getting a big time class act.