Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lilly and Theriot are finally gone.

We no longer have Ryan Theriot to blame for all of our ills. Yep...he's the Dodgers problem now.

So what did it cost the Cubs to con a team into taking the TOOTBLAN king?

Well, we had to give the Dodgers Ted Lilly and $2.5 million. That's rather costly, so to balance it all out, the Dodgers sent pointless second baseman, Blake DeWitt, and two minor league pitchers.

DeWitt is still young and will be under control of the Cubs for 4 more years. He gets on base more, but doesn't have much more power.

So, Jim Hendry did what he seems to do best...acquire a crappy middle infielder.

I'll post more on the players involved later if I can find computer use.