Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's official...Derrek Lee is a loser

Well...I'm taking a break from being homeless (the house buying thing has hit some snags...ugh) to comment about a report from ESPN that Derrek Lee has been approached about 2 different possible trades to the Rangers and the Angels.

(Disclaimer: My comments about D-Lee are going to piss a lot of you beware.)

As we suspected he would do months ago, he threw his no-trade clause right in the face of Jim Hendry and told him that he's not going anywhere.

I have been an advocate for trading Derrek Lee for 2 years now. And on top of that, I thought it an important step for the Cubs to start working over Derrek Lee to try to get him to waive his no trade clause. we are stuck with Derrek Lee for the rest of the season, and the Cubs are likely to get little or no compensation for him when the let him walk after the season due to his pathetic performance on the field this year.

*rant mode on*

So...the rest of this post is directed to Derrek Lee:

Hey Derrek, SCREW YOU!

Look, we don't want you any more. You aren't very good any more. Yes, you had a great last 4 months of the season last year, but you've been rather average for rest of the previous 3 years.

For 6 1/2 seasons you have been the leader of this club...and in only 1 1/2 of those seasons (second half of 2007 and all of 2008) has this team ever met or exceeded expectations. The rest of the time, this team that you "lead" has been a disappointment. Your leadership has been a colossal failure. You have led the Cubs to a total of 0 playoff wins in a total of 2 playoff appearances on a team that has spent more money on payroll than any other team in the National League over that time span. (Ok...maybe the Mets spent more...)

Derrek Lee, YOU ARE A LOSER!

Be a man and go somewhere else. Or are you too afraid that you might choke again in the middle of a pennant race...or the playoffs?

*rant mode off*

Ok...back to trying to get my house bought. Later!