Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 Reasons why Alan Trammell will be the next Cubs manager

 How badly do you want to manage again?

Lou is retiring.  Hendry doesn't appear to be going anywhere, and the whispers around town are that the Rickettses have already told Big Jim the decision on a new manager is his.

Well, I don’t necessarily want him to get the job, but here is why I think Alan Trammell will be the next Cubs manager.

1. The front office doesn’t appear to be placing blame for the problems of the current team on the current coaching staff. We have heard repeatedly that if Lou wanted to come back next year, he would be offered a contract. The only person that might be on the “hot seat” on the current coaching staff, it would be Rudy Jaramillo whose ½ season with the team so far has been nothing more than a utter disaster.

2. Trammell would be Lou’s choice to be the next manager. If the goal is to be continuity, then promoting the guy who has sat at Lou’s side for four years seems to be the logical decision. Whenever Lou was suspended or ejected, Trammell was the guy who took over. Earlier in the season Lou was asked who should replace him, and he responded that there were some guys currently on his coaching staff that should get the job. Most people assumed that he was referring to Alan Trammell, and possibly even Larry Rothschild.

3. Jim Hendry doesn’t want Sandberg’s first managerial job to be here. Sandberg is a risk in Jim Hendry’s eyes. He is an unknown entity when it comes to managing in the big leagues. Based on the Cubs numerous managerial hired over the years, a first time manager is unlikely to be given command of this ship by Jim Hendry.

4. Joe Girardi…not going to happen. Look, if Jim Hendry liked Joe Girardi, he would have at least given him an interview in 2006-2007. Girardi was the reigning NL Manager of the Year at that point, and he was looking for a job. Even if Girardi would consider bolting the Bronx for the north side…I don’t see why Jim Hendry would go after a guy he had no interest in last time.

5. Bob Brenly is scared of managing this group of guys. He’s seen them play. He’s bitched about this team’s performance. The impression I get from Bob is that he doesn’t think these guys are very good and that it is more a personnel issue than a coaching issue. Nope…I think Bob will probably be managing in Milwaukee once Ken Macha is kicked out.

 Yep...that's how I feel about this team too, Alan.

6. Keep the old guys away. Joe Torre and Bobby Cox are going to join Lou in leaving their teams this year. Cox has formally announced he’s retiring. Torre probably isn’t going to be offered another contract with the Dodgers. Cox isn’t going to manage any more…Torre appears to still have the heart to do it. But Torre is almost 3 years older than Piniella is. I don’t see Hendry, or the Rickettses wanting to bring in yet another manager who intends to make the Cubs their last stop.

7. Tony LaRussa is likely done with the Cardinals. If the Cubs were to consider him, I’d be for it…but he is also considerably aged (older than Piniella, believe it or not)…and he also would be likely to do a complete overhaul of the coaching staff, including bringing in Dave Duncan as the pitching coach. If one thing is certain, it is that Cubs management loves Larry Rothschild. They want Larry to stay, and that will likely keep LaRussa from managing here next year.

8. Trammell has managerial experience. He managed the Tigers for 3 years before Jim Leyland took over. Those three years were pretty rough, and the Tigers lacked talent during that stretch. Many people do credit Trammell for laying the groundwork for much of the success the Tigers saw after he left that organization. The fact he has managed before gives him a big advantage over someone like Sandberg.

9. Trammell has a World Series ring. For some reason, many people think this is a big plus. I don’t really care.

10. Trammell knows this team. Most of the players will be back next year. He knows what they are capable of doing. He knows the pressure of this particular job. He knows the history. He knows the media. He is probably the most prepared to handle the nightmare that is managing the Chicago Cubs.

So there you have it. Personally, I think the Cubs should think outside the box a bit here, but that isn’t likely to happen.