Friday, June 11, 2010

Is anyone paying attention to baseball? Cubs vs. Sox

So I go to the Sun-Times website today and start looking at headlines...

Blago...Rocky Wirtz....Some guy dies a bus stop...couple of robberies....

I scroll down to the sports area...mostly Hawks stuff...

But not once in any of the headlines is there any mention of either the Cubs or the Sox.  There are Bears headlines.  There are Bulls headlines.  No Sox.

 You can love your players...just don't 'love' your players.

This is not good, people.

This weekend is the start of the BP classic.  Yes, the company that is killing our oceans is sponsoring the series this weekend and the winner of majority of the 6 games between the two teams gets to take home some stupid trophy (hopefully layered in raw crude oil).  What happens if the series is tied 3-3?  What happens then?  In 11 years that the Cubs and Sox have played 6 games in a season (the first two years of interleague play, they only played 1 three game series against each other), the team have tied 3-3 four times.  Over 1/3 of the time, the teams play to a tie.  What a tragedy that would be if no one wins the trophy sponsored by the greatest destroyer of our environment.

 This bird was a Cubs fan before BP killed it.

But it really doesn't matter because, as the Sun-Times website shows, no one cares about these teams anymore.

Further proof...because of my house stuff right now, I will very unlikely be unable to attend Sunday night's game and I haven't been able to sell my tickets.  The last time I saw this low demand for the Cubs-Sox series?


Anyone remember that season?  It wasn't a very good one.

The Cubs and Sox enter today with almost identical crappy records.  It is assumed that the Sox are going to blow up there team before the trade deadline.  The only reason that assumption hasn't been made with the Cubs is because the Cardinals and Reds aren't all that great and the possibility still kinda exists that the Cubs could catch them.

Personally, I don't want to see this team just barely squeeze into the playoffs just to get swept out by the Phillies in the first round.

And now there are rumblings that Z has completely shut himself out from the rest of the team and that Ramirez has entirely quit on the team.  Now take this all with a grain of sand...these are things only being reported by other blogs...but it is important to keep your eye on these players and watching trade rumor sites.  If it is true about Z, he will be traded before the trade deadline whether or not the Cubs get themselves back into the playoff race.  Ramirez is a different issue...he may be kept on the DL for a longer time than necessary.  He's not tradeable at all right now and still has a player option for 2011.  This is a really bad situation for the Cubs.  How true the rumors are about Ramirez will probably dictate how long he will be on the DL.  If they are true...he may be out for a couple months.  If they aren't...he'll be back in a few weeks.

 "I'm not happy!"

So, to the 3 of you that care, enjoy the games this weekend.

To the rest of you, have fun at the parade today and go the the beach on Saturday and Sunday.

I won't be posting anything until at least Saturday evening...another race up in Green Bay this weekend.