Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm an idiot.

No...Lou Piniella should still be fired...I'm not an idiot for saying that.

This is why I'm an idiot...

I passed up an opportunity to go to the game last night.

That was really stupid.

Two near no hitters...

The Stanley Cup...

I'm an idiot.

Instead, I spent the day glazing and painting the rain.  Believe me when I say that I really know how to party.

So...last night the Blackhawks paraded the Stanley Cup around Wrigley question is, this fall, will the winner of ocean destroying BP Cup go to the United Center and parade that trophy around the ice before a Blackhawks game?

So the Cubs did indeed win last night, but it was another bad series overall for the Cubs.  The last series that they have won (not counting the makeup game against the Pirates a week ago) was against the Dodgers in May.  That is 5 straight series loses.  Four of those were to teams with losing records.

I stand by what I said on Friday...Piniella should be fired along with Jim Hendry (and add to that corporate paper weight, Crane Kenney).

This season is quickly slipping away.

But there is hope.

If the management of this team (not Lou...further up)...were to make some changes, the Cubs could actually salvage this season.  Neither the Cardinals or Reds will run away with this division.

Why do I say this?  After 63 games, the Cubs are 28-35 this year.

In 2007 after 63 games they were (take a wild guess)....


So, it can be done.

But the Cubs can't keep the status quo here.  The Cubs dumped some dead weight (and dead brain cells...Michael Barrett)...and added some interesting pieces during the stretch run in 2007.

Do they have the flexibility to do the same this year?  Maybe not...but something needs to be done to shake this team up.  Lou doesn't appear to want to go put on some manic performance in front of an umpire anytime soon, and I don't think any Cubs are going to get into a fight with each other this year....

The Cubs don't seem to be able to have the flexibility to make too drastic of a move with their payroll...

So fire the manager.  Fire something.  Hell...we just need some fire in general.