Thursday, June 24, 2010

How bad is it? The silence is deafening.

I have felt really bad about not updating this blog on a more consistent basis.

Luckily for me, the Cubs have decided to give us little to talk about...well little of any substance anyway.

But as I have been busy trying to get our house prepared for a move, and as my wife and I have been in a frantic search for a new home, I have discovered that the Cubs blogosphere has become sadly quiet in general. It's funny that the Cubs' owners have a last name that rhymes with crickets...because we are hearing a lot of them right now.

These guys have more to say about the Cubs than bloggers do right now.

This team has turned off even the most enthusiastic fans.  I am not bashing any of these bloggers or any of these sites (or the fans that comment on them)...I don't blame them in the least right now...but here are some examples of what I'm talking about:

ACB...over the last week, outside of fan polls on whether or not they like a particular Cub player, their posts have been on topics such as Big Ten realignment, the World Cup, one minor league report, and a wonderful post entitled "Reason number 24,757,887 why I just don't care". No game series previews.'s been over 2 weeks since this really good blog was updated...and that last update was about the Blackhawks.

Wrigleyville23...a couple of weeks ago, he posted that he was going to shutdown unless someone else took over the blog...he has made three posts since then, all on last maybe he isn't going to shut down after all. I sure hope the champion of the TOOTBLAN sticks around.

LOHO...anyone that has been over there recently has probably realized that, while the daily headline diaries are still relatively well read and commented on, game threads have kinda become ghost towns.

But, there is hope.

There are still bloggers finding enough in the world of the Cubs to still post good stuff...

Adam Kellogg's "And Counting" has been putting out some good stuff over the course of the season. And he has continued this week with a beautiful "Ode to Milton".

Tim McGinnis has been a steady force out there at Aisle 424. That being a season ticket holder, Tim probably has had a hard time staying in the ballpark during a number of the games this season.

A number of other blog out there still care in some way...but it is quite amazing how truly quiet it is right now in the Cubs blogosphere.

Hopefully, as the trade deadline approaches, we will have some exciting moves to talk about. (Or maybe not.)