Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So what happens when we play someone good?

The Cubs schedule, to this point, has been pathetically easy.

In fact, as of right now the Cubs have only played 2 teams who currently have records over .500...and one of those two teams, the Nationals, is not going to remain over .500.

So what happens when the Cubs play someone Cardinals or Phillies?

So far this season, it has really been hard to predict from one day to the next how this team will play.  The Cubs won't play a team that is currently over .500 until two weeks from now when they go to Philadelphia.  From that point, they will play almost 2 straight weeks against teams that are superior to just about everyone else the Cubs have played so far this this year, Philadelphia, Texas, LA and St. Louis.

One of two things can happen...the Cubs play up to their competition and are competitive, winning about 1/2 of those games...or the Cubs get the asses handed to them.

I really hope they are playing down to their competition right now...otherwise we are in for a really really long season.