Sunday, May 30, 2010

Silva = All-Star....Grabow = All-Fail

It's's done...

John Grabow must go on the DL with a fake injury.

The Cubs have no choice.

Quite simply, there is no room for Grabow in the bullpen once Carlos Zambrano returns to the rotation next this week.

Tom Gorzelanny will move to the pen, giving the Cubs and access of left handed relievers.  As a result, Grabow must be place on the DL (or better yet, designated for assignment).

Also, expact Andrew Cashner to be called up this week to take Zambrano's place in the bullpen.

I'm not actually for putting Zambrano back in the rotation...but this is the only scenario that makes any sense...and it is the only scenario that makes this team better.  Gorzellany will be better than Grabow in the pen...and I'll go out on a limb and say that Cashner will be at least as good as Zambrano out of the pen.  It it  very likely Zambrano will be at least as good as Gorzelanny in the rotation (though he might not put in as many innings).

If the Cubs don't do this...well, they are making a big mistake.


Ok...Carlos Silva...the Orca...the Killer Whale...

You can say what you want about how many hits he's given up.  You can talk about the fact that he has been lucky...

But he's 7-0.

Unless he has a horrendous June, he's an All-Star.

He's the best starter in a pretty good starting rotation.

Let's compare some statistics here between Silva and another NL pitcher of some fame...

Silva Other NL Pitcher
ERA 3.12 3.00
Wins 7 5
Loses 0 1
Walks 11 24
IP 60.2 66.0
WHIP 1.10 1.12

That other pitcher whose stats I have displayed are those of the winner of the NL Cy Young award for the last 2 seasons, Tim Lincecum. While Lincecum is not having his best season to this point (mainly because he's on my fantasy baseball team), he is likely to be selected to another All-Star Game in July.

Many of the stats which people look at when selecting All-Stars are very favorable right now for Silva...he is succeeding at an All-Star level right now.