Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh What a feeling! Toyota!

Another step forward in the "Toyota Sign" battle...the according to the Trib, the city's landmarks commission has recommended that the sign, which is to be placed in the left field bleachers, be approved. 

So what's up next in this battle?  I don't know...probably another 20 committees and panels still need to approve it.

Tom Ricketts mentioned last week that the possibility existed that the sign would be erected in time for the next homestand...but that doesn't seem very likely right now since they play the Marlins starting Monday.

One other fact about the sign...supposedly it will be illuminated...which I'm somewhat surprised about. 

Anyway, it really is in everyone's best interests (including the rooftop owners) to let this thing get done and we can all live out the rest of our days in peace.


If you are reading this, that means I have successfully bypassed the stupid site block that my IT department put up.  Jerks.  They can't stop me, though.  I'm a bit too smart for that. :)