Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There were so many headline possibilities from yesterday's fiasco...

I had so many headlines set up for either a win or a lose yesterday...

But I wasn't prepared for what happened in yesterday's game...

Here are some other headlines that were considered for yesterday's loss...

"Cubs Lose and Phil Roger's blames it on Milton Bradley."

"Reds cut Aaron Rogers, and the Cubs celebrate by getting shellacked."

"If this is 'New Z', then I want the old one back."

"Ryan Theriot and Mike Fontenot do their best to get benched."

"Cubs lose last exhibition game of the year."

"The Palatine Little League team loses to the Braves."

"40 less pounds, and still a crappy catcher."

"Umpires state that they'll pay attention as soon as the Cubs learn to play baseball."

"Samardzija beats out Zambrano for ERA title."

"Year One?  Cubs play like expansion team in opener."

"$146 million doesn't buy what it used to."

"Season's over."

"At least we'll have nicer bathrooms this year."

"Pass me a beer, this is going to be a long season."

"102 and counting."


It's one game, folks.  Yeah, the season got off on the wrong foot, but remember in 2008, the Cubs lost that opener too and went on to win 97 games.

So, do you have any other headlines?