Sunday, April 25, 2010

That's more like it!

The Cubs swept today.

Any you know what?  As I write this blog, the Cubs are in second place!

Nothing cures what ails you quite like Brewers starting pitching.

Actually, the Cubs did have some problems with human rain delay, Doug Davis, yesterday...but Dave Bush got absolutely demolished today.

When you have two players (Fukudome and Colvin) that were a triple away from the cycle, you probably are going to have a good result.

Lee and Soto also went yard.  Theriot (yes! Theriot) drove in 3 runs.

Randy Wells threw seven strong innings giving up only 2 runs.

Final, 12-2.

Some interesting facts:
The Brewers swept the Pirates coming into this series, out scoring the Bucs 36-1.  The Cubs outscored the Brewers in this series 25-4.

What we have really learned about the Brewers from the 6 games we've played against them...

First, even though we haven't faced their best pitchers yet (Gallardo and Wolfe), they don't have very much from the 3, 4 and 5 spots in the rotation.  Right now, Jeff Suppan has been demoted to the bullpen after another bad performance and Friday. And speaking of their bullpen, they aren't very good either, and they are also in state where they have been severely overworked. 

Second, this is a horrible defensive team.  In 2007 I said that there was no way the Brewers would hold on to the division lead they had because their defense was so awful, and I was right.  Well, this year's team is just about as bad.

Third, even though they have been less than stellar against the Cubs starters, the Brewers offense if pretty damn good....and Prince Fielder isn't really hitting anything yet.  Look out!

Fourth, the Brewers need a catcher....not a belly scratcher. 

Fifth, the Brewers will not win the division this year.


Ok, so we have 9 wins this season, 5 of which have come against the Brewers...too bad we can't play them all the time.

While we wait for our next series against the Brewers, the Cubs will have to play a few other teams...back to Wrigley tomorrow to play the Nationals.

I'm stunned that we haven't heard that Stephen Strasburg hasn't been called up yet to make his debut against the Cubs...we've already been the victim of 2 other phenom debuts this year (Davis and Heyward) so why not add Strasburg to that list?

Anyway, series preview a little later.  Enjoy this sweep...finally some good news!!!