Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So I finally got home.

An excellent game today.

Randy Wells looked fantastic in the first inning, but was a little less effective as the game went on today.

I was sitting in the left field corner, not too far from the bullpen.  On thing I did notice about Wells as he was warming up...he's got a bit of a gut.  Not Prince Fielder sized...but it was quite noticeable.  Why do I bring this up?  I don't know.  I just thought he'd be a bit more fit than he appears to be.

Theriot was a monster today getting 4 hits and a couple stolen bases (one of which he should have been out on if Escobar hadn't dropped the ball, and the other because the Brewers just let him take the extra base).

Soto finally hit something hard...solo homer in the 5th inning.  He also walked a couple times.

But everything built in this game to the bottom of the 8th inning.  With the bases loaded and the Cubs down 6-3, Theriot got a base hit to drive in two (quickly stole second) and the Fukudome brought joy to all of Wrigleyville with a base hit to take the lead.

Marmol closed out the game (striking out Fielder to end it!!!), and Go Cubs Go was sung by all (except on of the guys I went to the game with who happened to be a Cardinals fan...hahaha!!!).

Final score 7-6!!!

A couple of notes about today's game...

First, Jeff Gray made his Cubs debut today.  And he wasn't very good.  As I recall, he was supposed to have quite a good fastball, but it didn't appear to top 90 mph today.  Hopefully that was just a fluke.

Second, (newsflash!) Soriano can't field worth a donkey crap.  He was booed relentlessly today.  Even when he doubled in the second inning, it was an extremely muted applause.  He badly botched two plays in left field today.  The biggest cheer he got was when he was taken out of the game for Tyler Colvin in the 7th inning.

Things are deteriorating quickly with Soriano...more quickly than I ever imagined they would.  He's the only one that can turn this around.  Hopefully he will soon.