Friday, April 16, 2010

Carlos Silva: Our best starter?

The Cubs won.

It appeared to be another fun day at the ballpark.

The stars of the game today?  Carlos Silva, Koyie Hill and Alfonso Soriano.  (Well, Derrek Lee too, but that goes without saying, doesn't it?)

How do you like that?

Carlos Silva was fantastic today.  He gave up 2 runs...neither of them earned (Thanks K-Fuk!) 7 innings of work.  He only gave up 5 hits, no walks and struck out 5.  It was another very efficient start throwing only 90 pitches in 7 innings.  In fact, if the Cubs didn't have a rally going in the bottom of the seventh, I think they would have sent him back out in the 8th. 

The Astros did get a good start from Felipe least initially.  The Cubs were unable to do much of anything with him through the first 6 innings.  A triple by Koyie and a double by Silva in the third  scored the Cubs only early run.

Fukudome did his best Soriano impression on two consecutive hitters in the fourth inning.  The first gaff was when he and Marlon Byrd collided in the outfield going after a fly ball.  This resulted in Hunter Pence being on second base.  Then Chris Johnson hits another flyball out to Fukudome who was unable to get to the ball...and the ball scooted under his glove and went to the wall.  Johnson made it all the way to third on the play and Pence score.  A single by Manzella immediately after that gave Houston the lead....

until the Cubs scored a bunch of runs in the 7th inning.  

Soriano came up with a clutch hit, tying the game (Byrd scored).  Theriot attempted a bunt with the bases loaded, and Pedro Feliz made a huge mistake not letting the ball go foul.  Theriot ended up safe and the Cubs took the lead as Soriano scored.  Fukudome hit a sac fly with.  And Derrek Lee put the game away with a 3 run homer.

Grabow came in and pitched a scoreless 8th, and Marmol closed out the game.

Cubs win 7-2.

Some notes...

It was Obvious that Fukudome had some problems with the wind today.  The collision with Byrd could be forgiven...language issues and such, but the ball the scooted under his glove was one of the worst plays I've ever seen him make.

With Koyie Hill starting today, he continues to be amazing behind the plate.  The Cubs have well over a .600 winning percentage over his career when he catches.  He is awesome.

Ramirez did have a double after all the scoring in the 7th inning, but he is striking out at an alarming rate right now.  He appears to really be having a hard time with breaking balls down and away.  Teams are really working the lower outside corner on him.  Look for him to make an adjustment soon and for him to take those ball and plant them into right field.  He's trying to pull them right now.

Also about Ramirez...expect him to sit out a game this series as he continues to struggle a bit at the plate.  Chad Tracy has not had much playing time at all and Lou may want to get him a start this weekend at third base.  

Even though John Grabow got through the 8th with pitching to only 3 batters, he was again wild.  He needs to start throwing strikes.

Tyler Colvin once again came in as a defensive replacement for Soriano in left field in the eighth inning. This will probably continue to happen quite a bit for the time being.

With the exception of one appearance this season, Carlos Marmol has been unhittable.  It is early in the season, but he does appear to be back to the guy who absolutely dominated for the first 5 months of the season in 2008.  He's staying on top of the ball much better. He's still coming off on the side a bit, but not as bad as last year. 


Milton Bradley is batting .133 for the Mariners. 


Tomorrow, Sloth vs. Oswalt.