Monday, April 5, 2010

Biz of Baseball thinks more highly of Angel Guzman than I do

I saw a story today over at Biz of Baseball that kinda made me snort a bit...

Usually this site is pretty good with their analysis of the business side of baseball...much of their stuff about specific on-field news items tends to be a bit is no different.

Their post, which went up late last evening, lists the number of "prominent" players who will begin the season on the DL.

The first player on that list?  (you've probably already guess from the title of this post)

Angel Guzman.


Our fallen angel.

 Not prominent.

Most of the others on this list I would agree are prominent players:  Lance Berkman, Cliff Lee, Kerry Wood, Jose Reyes...etc.

But Angel Guzman?  Prominent?

And if you look at the list, did anyone notice what prominent player from the Cubs who is on the DL that was actually missing on that list?  Theodore Roosevelt Lilly III?  I think he's a little more prominent than Guzman.  He was an All-Star last year.  Geez!


So, Biz of!!!!