Tuesday, April 13, 2010

$7.50 for an Italian Beef?

One of the things the Rickettses have said they wanted to do at Wrigley this year was improve the concessions.

Well, yesterday I broke from my tradition of stopping at Wrigleyville Dogs before the game for an Italian beef sandwich and decided to get one at the ballpark instead.

Big mistake.

Now, I usually arrive at the ballpark before the gates open.  One reason is because I love watching batting practice, and try to take in as much of it as possible.  (It's good to get a feel for the team that is going to play!)

Another reason is that most non-alcohol concessions are discounted right when the gates open.  I got in, and my father (who I took to the game with me yesterday) and I went to the patio in the upper deck behind home plate so we could get some beef sandwiches.

To my surprise, the price we were charged was over $12.  That seemed a bit high...even for regular price.  Then I looked at the sign, and it said "Italian Beef: $7.50"

Holy crap!

And it wasn't even a good sandwich.  The Cubs have chosen to continue to use "Papa Charlies" beef for their sandwiches...which I consider to be really poor quality beef (get Scala's back...or Vienna or even Fontenini...geez!)

It was just terrible.  And the sandwich was cold too.

I did finish mine, but my dad only eat about half of his before he threw it out.

So...to this point...boo to the new and improved concessions. (and boo to the prices!)

(CubbieJulie stated in her blog today that her Mai-Tai was $8.)